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JOKJOR is a very exciting design label. From the Netherlands! Ánd that is something to be proud of!

JOKJOR breaths shape, function, receptiveness, colour and greediness with designs for interior and exterior. Quality and functionality are the base for every design process. And the designs are from the hand of Olav van Lede, founder and designer, supplied with a sharp perspective on the world and an eye for details.

The collection as it is presented now, is “one of a kind”. Effectively what you expect, however different. Every product has its twist, a special- or even double functionality, makes you smile or gives you, what we call WoW effect. Just outside the lines, really distinctive and still speaks for itselves. The eye for details guarantees sustainability and a lot of fun in usage.

Choosing for JOKJOR means a distinctive choice. With products that love your livingroom, office, garden or terrace. You can play with the designs endlessly and freely, cause who says a stool can only act as a seat. Or a pot cannot be used as a holder for kitchentools? A carpet is allowed in the bathroom, right? JOKJOR is your stage to characterize your interior and a way to be creative with the spaces where you feel at home.

  • Designed in Holland
  • Interior and exterior
  • Small furniture, lighting and accessories
  • Smile in the mind
  • Diversity in material, colour, shape and usage


Are you interested to becoming part of the JOKJOR family? Please contact us via info@e-brands.nl or phone +31 76 700 20 14