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Nothing beats a history based on love! The story of Esteban starts around 35 years ago with real love, on first sight! A pilot, madly in love with an artist with a passion for parfume. He tries to steel her heart by dipping created objects into delicate fragrances. After a journey to Africa, they both created a perfume called Teck & Tonka, keeping the memory alive of this wonderful trip.

Collection after collection and accessory after accessory Esteban has build a widely spread fanbase. The fragrances always tell a story build in three movements; First you smell the topnotes, lightly and quickly. After that you will find the heart, interesting and present. In the end you will get to know the base note, lasting and intense, each unique to enhance eachother.

ESTEBAN has everything in their own hands. From creation of the perfume, the designing of the accessories, even the production, all in Montpellier, France. The products have a certain classe and are the result of true craftmenship, all made by hand. The fragrancdes are truely unique and formulas are protected. Fragrances that are bold, original and mature. With their values quality, authenticy, innovation and respect for nature, Esteban will have true fans with loyalty to the brand.

  • French house of Perfume with 35 years of experience
  • Handmade accessories
  • 100% natural scenting candles
  • Environmental friendly composition of perfumes
  • Recycled materials, glass, wood, paper
  • Sustainable management
  • Protected formulas
  • Home fragrances and Body fragrances


Are you interested to becoming part of the Esteban family? Please contact us via info@e-brands.nl or phone +31 76 700 20 14