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Extreme Lounging

This B-Bag is so enormous, big, lovely, comfy and addictive to sit in! Honestly, you have never experienced a more comfortable time before you set your body into this ridiculously wonderful, bespoke, comfortable, scandalously colourful B-Bag. It is a result of years of enginering, designing, testing to developing the perfectly shaped B-Bag lounger. It has the advantages of being waterrepellent so indoors is fine, but outdoors it is perfect! Please fall in love with Extreme Lounging and let your body celebrate a meeting with this comfortable lounger!

B-Bag is British, through and through and we are proud of it. It is made in UK, Keighly, Yorkshire, were they have lots of experience in working with fabrics, more over 10 years. They search and supply their materials close to home. With everything they do, they are aware to guard the environment and make the footprint as small as possible.

The fabric of the B-Bag is unique and personally developed for the brand. Like they say in UK, strong as old boots, comfy as a blanket. The powerfull and waterrepellent fabric has double stitching for extra durability. The fabric is breathing and uses your bodywarmth to keep the perfect temperature.  The UV filter will maintain the colour as you bought it and fell in love with. Cleaning is easy, especially after a gardenparty, BBQ with friends or get2gether at the beach!

B-Bag is suitable and comfortable for everybody! Just for lounging or resting after a hard workout or exhausting day at the office. Just let your body fall into the B-Bag and the day will slide from your shoulders. It is developed to fold around your body for support that will not be the same as you already know. Just take yours to wherever you like, the beach, the snowy mountains or the pool, it can do it! There is just one disclaimer: we are not responsible for you not getting up again as soon as you sit down!

  • Designed and made in UK
  • Weatherproof fabric
  • UV filter 7/8, No Fade
  • Comfortable seating
  • Colourful accessories
  • Lightweight
  • Filled with polystyrene, easy to refill
  • Strong fabric, double stitched
  • Contempory design


Are you interested to becoming part of the Extreme Lounging family? Please contact us via info@e-brands.nl or phone +31 76 700 20 14