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Wish we had thought of it ourselves! A product that everybody will understand and will use. It creates a AH-HA response at the receiver and it hits a subject from today, hygiene on the countertop! Klud is a set of 7 microfiber cloths with a label of the day of the week attached to every single one. This reminds you to change your cloth every day so your countertop stays sanitary. Klud is available in three colours, mint, grey and black, and will stand out on your beautiful kitchen, rather then the yellow ones we already know. Next to function, these cloths have a very neat look and the packaging looks like a giftbox, which is made of recycled cardboard. A klud a day keeps the doctor away!

  • A new cloth every day of the week
  • Hygienic countertop
  • Easy to clean
  • One klud a day keeps the doctor away
  • Nice giftbox
  • Designed in Denmark
  • Patented design


Are you interested to becoming part of the Klud family? Please contact us via info@e-brands.nl or phone +31 76 700 20 14