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E-BRANDS has welcomed a pearl in its collection. Ommo has a range of utensils and tools useable for everyday, yet different from others. Shapes and function are clear. Colours are refined, almost pettable, easy to combine with your regular stuff in the kitchen or your tableware. OMMO is from Hongkong, but you can see clean lines of the Scandinavian way of life. The design and colours are typical for OMMO and therefor we could recognize this as its futures signature. East meets West!

OMMO believes good design should be available for everybody. By creating products for everyday life and every lifestyle and usage in “world” kitchen, they appeal to a big audience. You have much more fun when you practice your hobby, like cooking and baking, with tools that are designed to help, making things easy and more fun. They strive to be innovative , with clean and clear design, but most of all, staying functional and relative. The products are designed to last for every table, countertop in the world. They want to add a twist to every day, so it must be easy to integrate in your daily habits of cooking and eating. OMMO brings it to the table!

References; Red Dot Award, Elle Deco, Designboom, Design Milk, Elle D├ęcor, Wallpaper, Good Design Award.
Picture credits PRCHTG – info@prchtg.nl

  • Hongkong
  • Danish inspiration
  • Danish designers
  • Table and countertop
  • Form and function
  • Affordable design
  • World kitchen in mind
  • Great packaging
  • Wide collection


Are you interested to becoming part of the OMMO family? Please contact us via info@e-brands.nl or phone +31 76 700 20 14