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Vluv (the original) is more than just seating! Vluv is a healthy and stylish seatingball! The ergonomic design takes care of your posture while beating your inbox during working hours. Use Vluv for balansing excercise or as extra seat in the livingroom. It has a very strong, seamless and Pht free PVC innerball and cause of the sleek design and the high quality and sophisticated fabrics it is a very true eye-catcher. And how about a room full of Vluv in the office for an active posture during a brainstorm session at work? It takes care of dynamics and your brain is constantely activated. We also call it the ‘communication’ ball, a handy tool to grap when you just need a quick talk with your collegue at the desk. Much better then kneeling down or sitting at the corner of the desk. The seams of Vluv are dubble stitched, underneath you find a subtle ring, preventing rolling away at its own and it has a handle just to grap easily. It comes flat, your first workout is to inflate it with a pump, you’ll get a small tool to fit the pump and help you out. Just close it with the strongest YKK zipper, neatly hidden away. Just so you know, Vluv has won the German Design Award 2017, you do not need any more proof!

  • Germany
  • Designed by Kristof Hock
  • Ergonomic, balanced and dynamic seating
  • Strong anti-burst, PFOA free, eco-friendly PVC ball, especially designed for Vluv
  • Three sizes to match your posture
  • Strong YKK zipper
  • Subtile ring underneath against rolling away
  • Suited for bodyweight of 120-150 kg
  • Handle for easy grab
  • Different fabrics
  • Used for office, home, balance excercise and yoga excersise
  • Timeless design and functionality
  • Patented!