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Introduction: Sometimes you run into a product or designlabel that brings you butterflies from the very first start, love at first sight! E-BRANDS+ is always interested in innovation, distinguishing and bold design as well as colourful appearance. That is why we keep up with social media to discover and to feed the curiosity. One of the labels that we were following was and still is Werkwaardig while they created an amazingly attractive and funny product. The “Sidepig” bring you a big smile on your face. The best part is, they followed us, too, because of our innovative and young portfolio of brands. When they popped the question if we would be interested in presenting them in Benelux, you can imagine the answer. It fits us like a comfortable jacket with our portfolio, collection, customers and way of working. Just having fun and loving what you do! Check their Instagram page and you understand exactly what we mean! #fun

Werkwaardig is a design duo from Amsterdam, Diederik Dam and Timo Keultjes, who started their business together in 2016. In their studio, they are constantly seeking for a combination of fun and innovation, in that specific order. They feel that within the current social environment, that has become a melting pot, we need to search for emotions that connect each other. They believe that products with a fun character can tribute to that. The smile, joy, fun and pleasure that comes from those products will connect. Timo and Diederik keep these thoughts in mind to design interior products that make those emotions visible and touchable. The Sidepig is the first result of their cooperation and are defining their vision. #joy

Diederik and Timo will take a step further. Loving the planet is also very important for those guys. Their first iconoc design “Sidepig” is produced in a sustainable way in the Netherlands, made of recyclable synthetic material. The next fabulous development is a product made of old fishing nets, collected from the sea which are recycled, to clean up the ocean. They support Waste Free Oceans: https://www.wastefreeoceans.org/ #cleanocean #limitededition

• Amsterdam’s Design Duo Timo & Diederik
• Founded in 2016
• Made in Holland
• Interior accessories
• Fun, innovation, function, quality
• Iconic design Sidepig & Seapig
• Exciting, bold productdevelopment
• Strong branding, marketing & communication


Are you interested to becoming part of the Werkwaardig family? Please contact us via info@e-brands.nl or phone +31 76 700 20 14